Greetings and Well Met, Haidong!

I am the owner of Silver Dragons -Haidong Gumdo- Martial Academy  (aka Twin Ports Haidong Gumdo), 

I started Martial Arts in the Summer of 1979. With my family moving often, my backgound is an Agglomeration of different Schools and Styles. Ranging from Tae Kwon do to Kempo Gojo-Ryu to Self Defense Karate to Jujitsu, with a splash of  other arts.

In the year 2009, I thought adding sword skills onto what I was already practicing would be a nice add-on "side" martial art. Little did I know at that time how much it would change my life in several different ways.

A scratch on the surface of our Gumdo History:

2011: Competed in the first Pan Am Haidong Gumdo Championships held in Utah.

2012: Sent my son to Korea to compete on the American team in the World Championships.

2015: Our school hosted the Spring Training in Duluth Mn, with special guest Chief Master Marshal Parnell.

2016: The School traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the First Pan Am  Mulimpia Championships.

2018: We again made the journey to Vegas to compete at the Second Pan Am Championships.

"Each Martial Art I've trained in has become a Part of my Soul, yet the Art of the Sword holds the Most sway over me"   Master Rick Osborne