Mr. Keith Hagen,

     Haidong! I have over 17 1/2 years of martial arts experience. I do both Haidong Gumdo and Tae Kwan Do.  I started Gumdo almost 10 years ago.  I am a 4th Dan black belt Instructor "Sabumnim" in Haidong Gumdo and 1 of the first 5 in Minnesota to obtain this rank.

    I consider myself fortunate and honored to be One of the remaining orginal students from when the school was first established here in Duluth.   

    It is my desire to pass on my years of training and experience to you. I also am a 3rd Dan black belt Instructor in Tae Kwan Do and enjoy mixing both of these arts together.

    I look forward to meeting with you in the class room.  Haidong!